GMO Foods vs. Natural Foods

Humans have been genetically modifying plants for many years. But GMO is still a big issue in our society nowadays. But to be honest, many people doesn’t actually know what are Genetically Modified foods and animals. They don’t know how to define a natural or organic one to (GMOs).

Genetic modification is the process of forcing genes from one species into another entirely unrelated species. Examples of it are strawberries and tomatoes injected with fish genes to protect the fruit from freezing. Goats injected with spider genes to produce milk with proteins stronger than kevlar for use in industrial products. Other fishes genetically engineered with growth hormone that allow them to keep growing larger from its natural size, and many more. Most of the product approved to be genetically modified are crops such as corn, soybeans, potatoes, canola etc. (

Natural foods is actually not the same with organic foods. Organic food refers to items that are produced using smaller amount of artificial but for profit and beneficial purpose. Natural food refers to food items that are not modify by any chemicals. This is also for animals and plants.

In terms of health, there were many studies that cites about the different health risks of Genetically Modified foods. It is said that it can create unpredictable health problems and risks are greater for children and newborns. Some people prefer natural food because they believe excessive processing of foods can effect their health.

But when it comes to production, GMO foods can be produce in a shorter time than Natural foods because of some chemicals injected to it. The GMOs also have better texture, flavor and nutritional values because of genes from other species. And lastly Natural foods has a shorter shelf life than GMOs.

There are actually many differences between the two. Since we are now in the world of technology, and GMOs has been part of our daily foods since a couple of years ago, but does people still give a damn about it? How about you? Are you still concerned about the content or how does your food is being process?

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